Sewer Relining Maidstone

Sewer Relining MaidstoneSewer Relining Maidstone

Relining is often referred to as ‘no-dig’ or ‘trenchless’ innovation, which is one of its major benefits over conventional excavation sewer and drain repair Maidstone. With sewer relining Maidstone, there is minimal surface area and environmental disruption so less hassle all round. And all that means there are fewer risks with regards health and safety too. Repairing sewers and drains through sewer relining, rather than digging them up, saves the roadway from damage, and so saves a lot of money on roadway repair works in the long run.

sewer relining maidstoneSewer relining Maidstone – Fast

Sewer relining Maidstone is quick too. White horse drain repairs has an expert department which performs reline repair works, day-in, day-out, and can mobilise skilled reline teams to handle emergency sewer relining rapidly. In truth we’re so confident in our service that we ensure a two-day turn-around for a lot of emergency situations.

White Horse drain repairs is acknowledged as a market leader in the innovation that is relining, our team has performed many pioneering sewer reline jobs throughout Kent. Dealing with pipes, drains, culverts and sewage systems ranging from 100mm in diameter, right through to a whopping 2500mm, White horse drain repairs Maidstone has notched up reline after successful reline over our years in the field.

It’s little wonder that our sewer relining services are in need throughout Kent & the surrounding counties; completing one-off relining jobs for private customers or handling and carrying out major sewer renovation schemes across for local authorities.

sewer relining maidstoneWe are enthusiastic about what we do, and you’ll discover that our reline groups are passionate and fully committed to getting the job done right. If it’s a tricky task, so much the much better! Our professional reline team delights in handling tough projects which push the limits of the innovation, both for the benefit of customers, and the industry as a whole.

Your assurance on Sewer relining Maidstone

Sewer relining Maidstone is guaranteed for a minimum of 50 years but, with a security aspect of 2 constructed into the design requirements, it ought to last much longer– in some cases approximately 100 years. For a free no obligation quotation contact the team at White Horse drain repairs  by phone or email 24 hours a day.

Sewer Relining Maidstone